IBLAST - Hirail Water Blaster 10,000L & Tow Vehicle


  • Water Blaster

  • High Pressure

  • 2800 PSI (Adjustable)

  • Front Spray Bar with 10 Jets (Adjustable Height)

  • Pressure hose/Gerni

  • Burners for Hot Water or steam for Heavy Grease and Grime Removal

  • Availability of Detergent or other cleaning products.

  • 10,000 Litres of Water

  • Fire Hose with smaller motor to run lower pressures

  • Large Bogie Tipper with High Sides

  • Ability to Tow Hirail 20Tonne SWL Trailer


  • Tunnel Cleaning

  • Rail Cleaning

  • Ballast Cleaning

  • Access Ramp Cleaning

  • Dust Reduction

  • Chemical Spill Clean Up

  • Able to work in with Tampers and Regulators to Wet Ballast

  • Able to Work in with Track Grinders or welders to reduce fire risk.

  • Driveway Cleaning

  • Road Cleaning

  • Boat Ramp Cleaning

  • Fire Fighting

  • Fire Breaks

  • Flooding of Drains or other areas to push blockages through.

  • And Many Other Applications

  • Ability to Tow Trailer for Large Loads, Heavy and/or high


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